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In 1972, the foundation year of Kanazawa Medical University, Professor Shusuke Kubota took up his post here and established the Chair of German. Professor Masayuki Sugawara and Assistant Professor Koji Soda came to our university in 1973, and Associate Professor Shigeru Kino joined in 1975. This teaching staff maintained the laboratory of German. Professor Kubota and Professor Sugawara retired in 1977. In the same year Senior Assistant Professor Toshiaki Yamashita arrived at our university. Then Senior Assistant Professor Yamashita left our university in 1979, Associate Professor Kino in 1981, and Associate Professor Soda in 1988. The current staff consists of two teachers, Professor Akira Hara from 1981 and Associate Professor Munehiro Kochi from 1989.

Contact Information

TEL: 076-218-8089 +81-76-218-8089  / FAX: / Email: hara-a@kanazawa-med.ac.jp



  • HARA Akira 5

Associate Professor

  • KOCHI Munehiro

Research Achievements

Research Activities

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  • Hara, A. et al: Gärten bei Hofmannstal: Eine textkommunikative Studie. Sophia Linguistica 56, 77-90(2008)
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